About Us

Central Processing Unit

KSCADC operates a Dry Fish Complex and Fish Processing Centre at Sakthikulangara, Kollam.

Dry Fish Complex

The Dry Fish Complex supplies dried, salted/unsalted premium fish products to the market. Shrimp, anchovies, silver belly, ribbon fish, lizard fish and white fish are primarily sourced here.

The DFC has preprocessing, processing, packing and storage facilities. The solar cabinet fish-drier installed in the complex has an area of 50 Square meters and can carry up to 300 kg of fresh fish per shift.

Solar drier protects the fish from external contamination and provide hygienic drying. Protection from direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation maintains the biochemical and textural quality of the product.

The Complex, opened in 2011, has an output of nearly 50 tonnes of fish products per annum.

Fish Processing Centre

The Fish Processing Centre produce, brand and promote value added fish products. The commonly available mackerel, anchovies, sardine and seer fish, rich in poly unsaturated fatty acids, are primarily sourced for the production here.

The processing centre has an annual processing capacity of 200 tonnes. It is equipped with the latest fish processing and production facilities such as preprocessing tables, air blast freezer, cold storage, chill room, fish washing machine, meat-bone separator, fish cutting and slicing machine, moisture analyser, battering machine, vacuum packing machine and sealing machines.

The air blast freezer processes 500 kilograms of fish in six hours. Cold storage has a capacity of 20 tonnes and the chill room holds 5 tonnes.

The quality control laboratory of the FPC is equipped to handle all microbiological and other qualitative analysis prescribed for seafood industry. This helps the automated centre to eliminate any chance of contamination of the final product.

The common facility centre of the FPC employs sixty local fisherwomen for processing and production.

The Fish Processing Centre was opened in 2013.